Mission and Values of Ravelast Oy

The company's mission is to help the customers to protect, in an ecologically sustainable manner, their products, processes or equipment against  the wearing and straining effects caused by chemicals, impact and noise.

Our goal is to be a preferred partner as a supplier of  elastomer products and services.

We believe in internal enterpreneurship, our personnel's development, innovation and cooperation.

We appreciate the customer's success, profitable growth, sustainable development and responsible behavior.


Ravelast Polymers is divided into two product areas: rubber elastomers and polyurethane elastomers. We have operations in four different units: polyurethane products are manufactured in Oulu and Kiruna, and rubber products are manufactured in Hyvinkää and Nokia. Nokia unit is further specialised in coating rotating parts. In Hyvinkää we produce e.g. rubber mold and special products, and have our mold workshop, rubber mix manufacturing and laboratory. 

Ravelast Polymers is investing heavily in R&D in cooperation with leading material suppliers, universities and laboratories.

Ravelast Oy Oulu

The company is a polyurethane manufacturer established in 1985. Ravelast has due to its reliability become a significant player in the business area in Finland. Manufacturing methods are hot and rotational casting and spraying.

Ravelast Oulu manufactures polyurethane products according to customers' wishes using the best raw materials from different suppliers. Manufacturing covers polyurethane products ranging within 30 - 97 ShA and 55 - 85 ShD hardnesses.

Head quarters of Ravelast Polymers are located in Oulu. 

Ravelast Oy Nokia (Oy Euroroll Ab)

Oy Euroroll Ab is formed of two different companies, of 2008 established Finroll Oy and  of 1986 established Oy Euroroll Ab.  Operations of the companies were merged in  2012, and production continues under the name of Ravelast in the former Euroroll premises in Nokia.

Ravelast Nokia manufactures rubber products according to customers' wishes using the best raw materials from different suppliers. Manufacturing covers polyurethane products ranging within the 20-100 ShA and 50-70 ShD. Production method is hot curing in autoclaves.

Main focus areas are the rubber coatings of industry rolls, reels and other rotating parts, and specialties are roll grooving, grinding and other repair services.

Ravelast Oy Hyvinkää (Polymer Components Finland Oy)

Polymer Components Finland Oy, which has previously operated under the business names Hyvinkään Kumi and Marwe, has been an influential figure in this field since 1926. The company’s main range of products includes molded rubber products, as well as injection molded plastic products, and it also has its own rubber mix manufacturing, mold workshop and laboratory.

Ravelast Oy Vantaa (former Vantaan Kumitekniikka / Vantaa Rubber Technology)

The company was established in 1985 to produce technical rubber products. Vantaa Rubber Technology has grown, thanks to its special expertise, to a major player in the sector in Finland. Production methods are hot curing in autoclaves as well as in presses, and cold glueing.

Ravelast Vantaa manufactures rubber products customised according to customer needs using the best available raw materials. Manufacture of rubber products covers he hardness range of 20 - 100 ShA ja 50 - 70 ShD.

Main focus areas are special rubber products, roll coatings and Silicone and Viton covers in demanding operating conditions.

Ravelast Vantaa operations were moved to Hyvinkää in summer 2018.

SOKAB, Kiruna Sweden

SOKAB is Kiruna based company, which has also over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing polyurethane products for most demanding conditions in different industry areas. Manufacturing covers polyurethane products ranging within 30 - 97 ShA and 55 - 85 ShD hardnesses. SOKAB offers also roll bearing maintenance.