Notice of Merger

Published Thu 02 Jan 2014 12:31:00 PM EET

Oy Euroroll Ab is merged into Ravelast Oy

Due to simplifying of organization structure, Ravelast Oy has merged through absorbtion with its subsidiary Oy Euroroll Ab, effective from 31st Dec 2013 onwards. Oy Euroroll Ab will be from now on Nokia unit of Ravelast Oy and continue under name Ravelast Oy.

Ravelast Oy will take charge of the open purchase invoices and sales orders from now on. Contact persons, phone numbers and email addresses of Nokia unit will remain as they are.

Merger affects the contact information of Oy Euroll Ab as follows:

Postal address
Ravelast Oy
Ilkantie 24
FI-37150 Nokia

Invoicing address
Ravelast Oy
Tuppitie 10
FI- 90820 Kello

Also the bank details have changed, as informed via e-mail.