We are expanding our operations in rubber mold product area

Published Fri 29 Dec 2017 02:24:00 PM EET

The business operations of Polymer Components Finland Oy will be transferred to Ravelast Oy

 Ravelast Oy and Polymer Components Finland Oy (FI01256382) have concluded a business deal about technical rubber production at the Hyvinkää factory. The Seller will continue manufacturing roller skis under the business name Marwe. The technical rubber production will remain at Hyvinkää, and the existing employees will continue working for Ravelast Oy. The date of the business deal is 01.01.2018.

Polymer Components Finland Oy will continue production under the name of Ravelast Oy, with even better resources.  

 Established in Oulu in 1985, Ravelast Polymers is a versatile company active in the rubber and polyurethane industry, with production facilities also at Nokia, Vantaa and Kiruna, Sweden.  The company offers customised technical products for a wide variety of industrial applications. Ravelast Polymers provide casted polyurethane products and -coatings, as well as vulcanized rubber products; rubber coating of rotating parts, special wear protection as well as molded products.

 Polymer Components Finland Oy, which has previously operated under the business names Hyvinkään Kumi and Marwe, has been an influential figure in this field since 1926. The company’s main range of products includes molded rubber products, as well as injection molded plastic products, and it also has its own rubber manufacturing, mold workshop and laboratory.

 With this business deal, Ravelast Polymers will be expanding its production, which has so far concentrated on elastic polymer products, also to include larger scale serial production of rubber goods. We can also provide smaller batches as well as prototype products cost-efficiently. In the future, we can serve the customer base of both companies with an even larger product range and stronger product development resources. With this business deal and the combined efforts of 62 employees, we aim to double the business turnover of the group, to an annual level of 8-10 M€.