Production method is chosen according to customer needs


 Polyurethane production

We use following methods in polyurethane production:

Hot casting

Hot casting is used as mold casting and it provides the best operational properties and allows manufacturing of complex objects. Mother product can be even used as a mold.

Rotational cold casting

Rotational cold casting (Ribbon-flow), which is a very fast method,  takes place in room temperature and in dry surroundings. It is used in coating rotational parts, like wheels or rolls or vice versa coating round inner parts, like pumps.


Also spraying takes place in dry, warm conditions. It provides good protection against abrasion and corrosion, and enables coating of complex parts.

Rubber production

Rubber production methods in use are:

Hot-curing in presses

Hot curing in presses is done by using pressure and warm temperatures. Method provides best operation properties and enables complex parts. On the other hand, mold related cost can be remarkable.

Hot-curing in autoclave

Also hot curing in autoclave uses the pressure and warmth to vulcanize the rubber. Method provides good tensile strenght properties and enables production of complex objects. 

Cold glueing

Cold glueing is done by glueing the vulcanized rubber on the surface of the objects.  It is mainly used to protect against corrosion, wearing and impact in less demanding conditions.