Solutions for Other Industries

We provide solutions to protect your production process against chemicals, heat or wearing, or to improve the efficiency of the process in regards to noise abatement or friction. Elastomers can be used in coating black,stainless, acid resistant and other special steels and metals, but also other substances such as wood, concrete, fiberglass and composite.

We also provide a wide variety of  rubber and polyurethane coated rollers, wheels, gears, valves, pipes and doctor blades.

Examples of our product range are

  • welfare and leisure industries: driving catches and different rollers to equipments, dumbers, ski track machines and elevators. We serve many of the Finnish ski resorts.
  • food industry: food quality sertified roll coatings.
  • logistics industry: rollers for escalators, lifting catches and  trucks. Our customers include  Patria Oy, Millog Oy, Konecranes Service Oyj.
  • retail industry:  different kinds of tailormade solutions.

Please tell us about your needs, and let's find a solution together.