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Technical rubbers are suitable in demanding conditions

Production of natural rubber through vulcanizing was invented already before mid 1800's. As time passed, different synthetic rubbers have gained ground from the natural rubber.  Today,  the single biggest use for the rubber is the tyres of the vehicles. Technical rubbers are playing a smaller role in the rubber industry, but they are used  in much more demanding conditions.

Synthetic rubber is a mineral oil based polymer. Rubber is an elastomer, which is a material with a property of returning to it's original configuration when the stress is removed. Different rubber products can be manufactured by further curing or vulcanizing rubber.

Rubber has excellent qualities in following properties:

  • elasticity
  • abrasion resistance (tearing, hardness)
  • friction
  • air and water tightness
  • heat, cold, oxidation and steam resistance
  • electric insulation
  • adhesiveness

Several different kinds of rubber grades are available to fulfill the demands of diverse end uses.