Custom-made, lasting solutions

for different industries.


We provide solutions for different industries

Our products are suitable in the most demanding operating conditions, where you need protection against abrasion, corrosion,  impact  or noise. Our products last where for instance steel, plastic or concrete already give up.

Ravelast Polymers manufactures technical rubber and polyurethane products within the hardness range of 20-100 ShA ja 50-85 shoreD for the protective needs of different manufacturing industries. Applications are produced by using ecologically sustainable elastomers and polymers in the most energy- and cost-efficient way. We develop continuously both products and production in a close collaboration with the customers and research institutes.

Repairment of coating is not only easy, but also ecological and economical solution creating cost savings for the customer.

Coating lengthens the lifecycle of your product or equipment, thus decreasing the total investment cost. Usage of coating also enables easy and cost-efficient repair, as you only have to renew the coating part of the equipment.   It is also very ecological to reuse the old part with the help of new coating, instead of acquiring a totally new part and disposing the old part.

Please explore the solutions and references for your business segment.