More durable and recyclable products

with our material development


Ravelast Polymers is continuously conducting internal research and development in partnership with universities and laboratories of different research institutes. Our R&D operations aim at developing more durable, lighter, cost efficient, energy saving and enviromentally friendly elastomer and polymer products.

The three-dimensional structure of the polymers provides unlimited opportunities, for example 3D-products. 3D-technology will visibly accelerate the production of prototypes and moulds.

Some examples of our R&D projects

  • Grelectronics: Green carbon nanofibers for large area electronics

  • Humins to composites: polymer rawmaterials from biorefinery sideproducts 

  • FiDiPro: Biobased nanocomposites

  • MiKOMP: Recycled microfibres in composites. 

  • 4K-VAPU R&D project: new generation lighter, more durable, cost-efficient and recyclable polymers

  • Engineering study in cooperation with a customer: enhancement and optimization of the durability of doctor blades
  • Pre study: future durable, light, intelligent and recyclable products and solutions based on elastomer and polymer technology
  • Master's thesis: improvement of track vehicle suspension
  • R & D project:  wheels loading by sizing and design       

Our partners are global material suppliers, Nordic universities and research centers. 

Please explore more polyrethane and rubber elastomers in the adjoining sections.