Optimize your supply chain


Ravelast Polymers offer customers also optimal solutions to the demands of the supply chain management. We are utilizing a broad cooperation network, as well as our strong experience in demanding logistics chain build up and management.

Our manufacturing services can be customised according to customer needs to include also logistics services. Manufacturing and services can include everything from the simple polymer coatings to even full and complex product assembly and delivery by acquiring other related components. In this case such products are ready for the delivery to the end customers directly from us, which ensures optimal material flow. We also ensure our partners' production and delivery in time by agreeing with them products' storage service.

Aftermarket services are completing our service selection

Our experts are available for assessing product renewal and repair, which in most cases  is the easiest and most economical solution. We also provide training of appropriate polymer selection, use and maintenance.

Tell us your needs regarding supply chain management, and we will find a solution to it.