Special Products of Rubber and PU


We also supply customer-specific special solutions, and our experts offer consulting services both from the perspective of the planned manufacturing of the products produced and in the selection and development of materials. You can include our experts in the product design at a very early stage to ensure cost savinngs and efficient production process.

Our selection includes e.g. PTFE powder products, cut rubber rings and other products as well as various customized solutions made of rubber or PU. These can be, for example, rubber, silicone and PU products that combine several hardnesses or colors. We also have FDA-grade rubber and PU products, as well as milk quality, i.e.  different rubber grades of the 3-A® 18-03 class in different hardnesses.

Our applicaple production methods are e.g. PU-casting and spraying, die cutting, PU and rubber dipping and rubber fabrication in addition to usual mold production methods. 

Rubber fabrication is a cost effective process for making single products or small batches of simpler rubber parts.   Products can be formed by using hand fabricating techniques such as cutting, drilling, forming, mandrel building and bonding.

Examples of these kind of fabricated products are rubber connectors, outlets, pipes and fittings as well as rolls and rollers.  

You can also enquire for assembly and export packing services for the manufactured products.