Elastomer Linings and Coatings

Corrosion and Wear Protection through Elastomer Linings and Coatings


Material handling equipment requires both mechanical and chemical resistance. Elastic polymer provides excellent properties in both respects. In addition, it takes a heavy load, reduces noise and impact.

Elastic polymer corrosion and wear protection increases the lifetime of the product and the maintenance period by creating direct savings in maintenace costs.  

We have a choice of either a polyurethane or a rubber coatings depending on application, and our experts help in choosing the correct material and quality. 

Coatings are manufactured either with casting or spraying PU. Rubber linings are hot vulcanized in order to create a strong binding to the metal surface of the part.  We also recoat wear parts using the old body parts.

Coatings enhance following features

  • wear resistance
  • shock resistance
  • resistance to cut and tear
  • noise damping
  • load resistance
  • resistance to chemicals
  • resistance to temperature fluctuation