Silicone Products

We mill our own silicone materials and produce customer specific mould products. We are able to produce also smaller series cost efficiently and offer naturally also longer series. 

We provide also special qualities, such as FDA-grades and electrically high conductive silicones with outstanding durability.

We offer

  • Mould products and silicone products with metal inserts
    • we use injection and compression molding in production
  • Profiles and tubes by silicone extrusion
    • both in multitute colors and transparent 
    • special qualities such as FDA and medical grade available. 
  • Rings made out of profiles and tubes
    • connection is done by by hot-vulcanizing or molding.
  • Silicone mixes
    • we offer silicone mixes to other manufacturers from our mill
    • we offer different RAL-colors and special qualities according to customer needs.